Pikes Peak Regional Medical Center Association

The Association Mission
Enhance the prosperity and quality of life in our community by promoting development of high quality health care facilities, services, and programs.

About the PPRMCA
The Pikes Peak Regional Medical Center Association (PPRMCA) is a nonprofit Association that was formed by Teller County citizens to continuously nurture the development of a high quality and robust infrastructure of medical care providers, facilities, and services for our community.

In 1998, our community was seriously underserved by medical care resources. That problem adversely affected our economy, our safety and security, and even the personal health of many citizens.

Several citizen leaders formed an organization to transform a weakness into a strength in the form of a quality medical care community comprised of a spectrum of providers anchored by a full service hospital and surgery center with a 24x7x365 Emergency/trauma center.

Those founding leaders set ground rules for the new Pikes Peak Regional Medical Center Association that would help ensure that we build a high quality infrastructure that would be sustainable for the very long term.

Grassroots Collaboration
The effort from the beginning and through today has been a grassroots collaboration that did not depend on tax revenue or local government subsidies. The citizens of our community enabled the Campus development themselves, through generous donations of time and money. They are proudly recognized on a beautiful glass donor sculpture in the hospital lobby.

Pikes Peak Regional Hospital
A long effort of studying the market, the needs, and the alternatives for financing a hospital led to the opening of the Pikes Peak Regional Hospital on a 20 acre campus at the edge of Woodland Park. The hospital’s opening in October 2007 began the fulfillment of the Association’s vision of using the hospital as the anchor facility to help recruit new providers and new services throughout the region.

Today, the Medical Campus is home to the Pikes Peak Regional Hospital, Forest Ridge Senior Living, and the Woodland Medical Center building, which is home to over a dozen provider businesses. Other facilities will be developed on the Medical Campus as the plan unfolds.

PPRMCA Accomplishments
The Association’s accomplishments so far have been the catalyst for development of a medical service community that generates $18 million in local payroll for over 200 high quality jobs. The quality of life benefit to the community is remarkable. Everyone now enjoys an increased peace of mind knowing it is there, and many citizens owe their lives to quality treatment received right here in Teller County.

That weakness of 1998 has indeed been dramatically transformed into a major strength for our community as a home for citizens and businesses. The work continues to guard what has been accomplished and further nurture our community’s healthcare infrastructure.

Quick Facts
PPRMCA was founded in 1999 as a 501(c)(3) corporation.

PPRMCA completed development of Pikes Peak Regional Hospital in October 2007.

PPRMCA built and owns the 20-acre campus and hospital facility, and has an operating partnership with Pike Peak Regional Hospital, which owns and runs the hospital business.

PPR Hospital is a grassroots development with no tax revenue dependence and no government ownership.

The PPR Medical Campus includes a Medical Office Building, Forest Ridge Senior Living, and expansion sites for additional facilities.

PPRMCA is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of local citizens.