Service Tips

The Top 10 Service Tips for Teller County Residents and Visitors

  1. The 911 Emergency system in Teller County is a centralized system and can dispatch ambulance service amongst the other familiar 911 services.
  2. If you are a self-pay customer, you may be able to negotiate a rate with your provider that is less than the “list price”. You should contact the provider’s office before service is rendered to make arrangements.
  3. Ute Pass and Highway 24 can be temporarily closed to traffic in any season. Closures can make it difficult to get to and from provider appointments in Colorado Springs or to visit family in a Colorado Springs hospital. Another good reason to use your local medical community.
  4. The PPRH Hospital Web site has valuable information on a range of important topics.
  5. The Association Web Site has up to date information to supplement this Health Guide.
  6. The high altitude in Teller County can create significant health effects. Some of these can be serious or even life-threatening. Everyone who lives or visits here should understand these effects. The PPRH Website has information on high altitude health effects, emergencies that can occur, and precautions. Go to: . The hospital maintains special capabilities for treatment of high altitude health emergencies and longer-term problems such as a special High Altitude Sleep Center and a Pulmonary Function Testing Lab.
  7. You have the right to choose your provider for follow-up medical care. The Association is an advocate for helping patients exercise that right to choose your provider when you are referred for follow-up treatment or tests. In recent years, several out of town corporations have established primary care providers in our community that routinely try to refer you to their own specialty and service providers outside our community, even though many of those services are offered right here. This practice may be an inconvenience to you, but it is also a threat to our medical system here in Teller County. Your healthcare dollars flow out of our community and that weakens the viability of our own local providers.Often your physician may try to refer you to their own out of town services such as physician specialists, x-ray and other imaging, lab tests, rehabilitation, and other services. You have the right, however, to insist that your preference is to support our community providers instead, if it is medically appropriate and is permitted by your insurance coverage.The Association is working with providers to discourage this practice.

    The Association has committed resources to educate all local providers about the extended services available right here at home, and how important it is to recognize patient preferences and the significance of supporting this local community as a whole.

    As such, the Association also acknowledges those local providers who do demonstrate special commitment to our own community by identifying each in the directory listings. That way you know which providers are actively helping us build the best health care services for our community.

  8. We are 8,500+ feet above sea level here. That means we have some of the most intense sun and we have more sunny days than most folks. Good for attitude, bad for skin. Everything you know about protection from UV radiation must be taken extra-seriously here. Additionally, frequent checkups with the Dermatologist are important. PPRH Specialty Services has several top-rated dermatologists so those appointments can be made conveniently right here near home. They are listed in this Medical Directory.
  9. Our proximity to many year ’round recreational opportunities offers a unique treatment option for a variety of sports related injuries. Many residents and visitors alike have found it advantageous to come back to PPRH for treatment. The hospital has built a team of highly trained physicians and technicians who provide top-rated, advanced care in orthopedics, joint replacement, sports medicine and physical therapy to active individuals of all ages. Then, if they need hospitalization or follow up, they are here at home where access is convenient.
  10. Seniors make up a growing segment of the Teller County population. Our community has a variety of senior-oriented organizations including Senior Circle. The Senior Circle is a program to promote healthy living in adults age 55 and over. With a wide variety of activities from which to choose, free and discounted services, and free community education seminars to enhance your health, the Senior Circle program is beneficial when you are hospitalized, and is a great opportunity to meet new friends. For more information you can call 719-686-5802 or send an email to