Peppa Pig: Sports Day-Peppa Pig: Sports Day v1.3.4 APK (Full Game)

Peppa Pig: Sports Day-Peppa Pig: Sports Day v1.3.4 APK (Full Game) title=

Peppa Pig: Sports Day

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Peppa’s friends at the playgroup are participating in a range of games and activities to mark Sports Day.

Sports day will happen at the high school. There is a start to the first event. Children who run the fastest are the ones who win. Peppa and Suzy go head-to-head in a race to see who can outrun the other. While Peppa and Suzy were still bickering, the race got underway. Daddy Pig announces the start of the race. Rebecca Rabbit wins despite Peppa and Suzy’s best efforts. As she thanks everyone for the honor, Rebecca flushes.

She claims she would have won without Suzy’s help, but Daddy Pig points out that winning or losing doesn’t really matter. Both Suzy and Peppa give the nod in agreement.

The long jump is the next event on the schedule (who can jump the furthest). Competition exists between Richard and George. In Peppa’s words, George should run and leap as fast as possible. Richard takes a leap of faith and lands further away from George than he did before. George sheds tears of joy at Richard’s win. Taking part in the competition is more crucial than winning, Peppa tells him.

Sprinting with a parent is required for each youngster in the relay. To put it simply, she is wary of her father’s ability to run. In order to keep up with her father, Peppa tells him to run as fast as possible. Youngsters will take over after their parents have completed the first part of their race. Peppa doesn’t realize she’s in a race when Daddy Pig hands her the baton, and she compliments his cadence. She is victorious.

A tug-of-war concludes the show. Peppa Pig, Suzy Cat, and Zo Zebra are challenged against George, Danny, and Pedro. Everyone’s pulling breaks the rope, and everybody wins when there’s a tie.