Dot n Beat-Dot n Beat v2.3.9 MOD APK (Menu/Slow Music, Money)

Dot n Beat-Dot n Beat v2.3.9 MOD APK (Menu/Slow Music, Money) title=

Dot n Beat


Dot n Beat opens up the weirdest street music league you’ve ever been in. We have weird creations about the task you get in the mailbox. Take attendance and check in every day for well-deserved rewards. A separate music menu with fun songs is the best choice for you. New songs are added weekly and challenge words from opponents, don’t miss them!


The combination of colors and lights accentuated the musical track of Dot n Beat. Customization will allow the player to reset some information such as color scheme and brightness. Not only is it a straight line, but it will also be modified in many bends or angles to increase the difficulty. The intersection of notes is the dead point for the ball if the player controls it to move into an area where there are no notes. The music bars will be lightened and very easy to recognize.

The beautiful little ball with strong light is the highlight of the series. It’s like a finger tapping on the music key because the gentle movement through the notes creates a fun sound for the game. Control the balls with one hand with skillful technique and make sure not to put them in the wrong place. When the ball hits wrong, the track will stop!


Dot n Beat specially designed a table to classify the songs’ themes; you can choose and challenge yourself. Any genre is developed from love to life to bring the most unforgettable experience. As for the newly released songs and hit the market, we will try to add them to the list every week!

Each song will have a different expression on the track of the ball. After the ball has completed the musical challenge, a level gauge will rate your score with stars. Three stars mean you are great, two stars mean you are capable, and one star is an incentive for you to try. Clear missions and fill the track so that the star count is always full!


In response to the objective needs of players for competing with friends, Dot n Beat has launched a two-player mode in the form of a challenge. Players can now randomly or selectively pair up to start the race. The two of you will play the same song; this is a race of speed and accuracy. In the end, whoever gets the higher star score will be the winner.

Our reward after each challenge is always the opportunity to open new songs. Instead of having to collect experience points in multiple singles, you can earn more in these doubles. In addition, we also cooperate for lasting friendships and expand the possibilities of communication for all players in the world!


Dot n Beat has never been easier as there are endless opportunities for players to enjoy the music and challenge themselves in unique game modes. Rely on the tremendous support from the best graphics and sound engineering systems. We were able to affirm our dedicated service when creating this special playground. Don’t forget to leave a review after each experience!