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Breakfast Story


This is a large playground for you to experience many exciting things about cooking. Players can show off their excellent cooking talent without being hindered by anything. In Breakfast Story, you will be able to try out many new dishes, and thanks to that, your skills will be improved more and more. Players will learn many new recipes as well as exceptional cooking experiences. The game offers a fun entertainment space that creates excitement for players. Your stress and fatigue will also be melted away when you immerse yourself in these wonderful dishes.


When participating in playing Breakfast Story, players receive a wealthy and complete treasure of ingredients. Players can choose for themselves the right fresh ingredients to be able to create delicious dishes. You always have all the ingredients in your inventory. In addition, players can also buy other materials themselves to enrich their reserves. In particular, those ingredients are all provided to a certain extent, so you have to add more ingredients yourself.


After being provided with fresh ingredients, players have to cook delicious and attractive dishes to serve customers. With their own cooking experience, players can create new and delicious dishes themselves. The dishes are carefully decorated and eye-catching, enhancing the taste and attractiveness of the dish. With your talented cooking skills, you will be able to cook attractive and delicious dishes for your guests.


Not only do they show off their skills in cooking known dishes professionally, but players also get to try new dishes. New dishes that Breakfast Story has created to challenge your cooking ability. Players need to conquer those missions and complete them perfectly. Because it is a means for you to show off your culinary talents. New and unique dishes are created from your own hands with sweet aromas that move people’s hearts.


Players will experience a life full of pressure with their office work. When it’s too much to bear, you will be able to choose new directions and experience new things. Players will start building their careers by running a cooking restaurant. Gradually your business will be more developed, and your restaurant will be famous everywhere. Business activities will bring you more new emotions but also very close and familiar. Through Breakfast Story, players also have a broader view of this colorful life.


Besides creating delicious dishes full of flavors, you also need to pay attention to your customer service attitude. To develop well, your restaurant needs dedicated staff to serve customers in the best way. A customer service attitude will also contribute to the success of the restaurant. The dishes will also be kept their traditional flavors to bring familiar features to users. Besides, you are allowed to innovate and create more decorations for the dishes to make them more attractive and eye-catching, increasing the deliciousness of the dishes.


Players enjoy an entertaining and lively entertainment space. For those who have a passion for cooking, this is a suitable playground. Lovely and funny images create an ideal background for you to experience and enjoy. Not only that, but players can also decorate, remodel and upgrade their kitchens, turning them into an international restaurant. The melodious music integrated into the game brings excellent cooking moments.


Feel free to use the materials that the game provides, and at the same time, you should also buy the necessary materials to serve your needs as well as unlock more rare materials.Cook delicious dishes and try new menus that the game has set out to show your culinary skills and bring customers the best dishes.Perform the tasks that the game requires and become a manager, a perfect chef, and a dedicated service staff, fully meeting the requirements and requirements of the guests.Get many valuable rewards and extremely prestigious prizes and unlock more new levels and new challenges to be able to experience.Enjoy a fascinating story through the character you are impersonating in the game, feel the joy and happiness when cooking delicious and eye-catching dishes.The interface is gorgeous, extremely eye-catching by lovely, funny images, along with an amusing restaurant space that makes players more excited.