Legend of Treasure-Legend of Treasure v1.0.29 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu)

Legend of Treasure-Legend of Treasure v1.0.29 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu) title=

Legend of Treasure


Now it’s your turn. As a player, you are responsible for putting together all of your skills and embarking on an incredible trip.

According to legend, a centuries-old forest in the western hemisphere is magically protected. That’s no longer the case, however. It is possible to restore harmony to this enchanted forest if you defeat all the monsters, including the woodland’s boss. This is your role as the hero. In that case, what’s the holdup? It’s time to get your weapons together so you can take on those monsters!

You’ll be able to select a skill after completing a few levels. Make use of all of your abilities to overcome the last boss. As a result, consider your needs before making a decision. Do not forget that if you fail, you must try again.

In the vein of Rogue, Legend of Treasure is a fast-paced action game. Moving and correctly controlling your character can help you dodge attacks. As soon as the character stands stationary, adversaries will begin to target him, and keeping your character safe from harm necessitates proper positioning. In the meantime, you can lose yourself in a fantasy world and marvel at the stunning visuals.

You’ll want to keep playing this Archero-like game since it’s so much fun.

In keeping with the classic rogue-like formula, this game features non-linear action and a wide range of player choices and options. Playing a game is like playing a new game every time. This game combines the most significant aspects of the popular Archero combat game to create a unique and exciting fighting experience. A wide range of talents and tools are available to players. You have the ability to construct your fighting base, and a lot of awesome things will be yours if you defeat a powerful boss. It is possible to play a game of strategy that is both thrilling and fun simultaneously in the many Support Level rooms.


This game borrows the elements of the classic roguelike genre, with non-linear gameplay and a high level of player agency.Each time you play, you will have an entirely distinct game experience.This game combines the traditional elements of the fan-favorite title Archero to create a distinct and engaging fighting experience.Players can employ hundreds of different talents and gears. You may make your own battle build;Defeat formidable bosses and get large sums of money;Choose from a variety of Support Level rooms and enjoy the excitement of tactical games!